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Are you teaching puberty for the first time this school year? Nervous about teaching birth control? Worried about the questions students may ask? Or maybe you’ve been teaching for a number of years and are looking for some fun activities to change up your lessons? You’ve come to the right place! We have a number of games, quizzes, activities, videos and resources that will support your lesson plan. We have resources for all grade levels that can help you teach your students about their bodies, their health, relationships, consent, respecting diversity for all students and many more! Please email if you are looking for something that you can’t find on our site. If you’re looking for any booklets or presentations that we used while visiting your class check out SHORE Centre Materials.

Curious about what is going on in Ontario with the Health and Physical Education Curriculum? See below for more details.

Classroom Games & Activities

Lesson Plan Support

Staying Up to Date!
Background Sexual Health Information for Teachers

Sex vs. Gender Explanation Videos

Sexual Health Curriculum

Sexual Health Curriculum (Re-Introduced September 2019)
Starting in September, 2019, students in Ontario will be taught an updated Edition of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum. 
Community Agencies & WRDSB Training
ACCKWA (AIDS Committee) | (Erin) | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Anonymous text: (519) 569-9521




ACCKWA’s 2018 WRDSB Training

SASC/Male Allies | (TK)

YSHAG (Youth Sexual Health Action Group)


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