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Friends of SHORE

A community network for promoting sexual health education and reproductive rights in Waterloo Region.

The Friends of SHORE program brings together a group of dedicated and passionate community members who are invested in supporting reproductive rights and inclusive sexual health education. Joining Friends of SHORE is a way to not only support SHORE’s work directly but also to help us create more supportive communities and address issues such as abortion stigma, lack of perinatal resources, under-supported sex ed and much more.  Friends are community ambassadors who are willing to speak up and be vocal to create change together!

Friends of SHORE receive enhanced communications and updates about SHORE Centre and the landscape of reproductive rights, invitations to exclusive events such as conversation circles, book clubs and advocacy related gatherings, tips and materials for engaging in reproductive rights and sexual health conversations, and more. For more information, please contact Kayla Orr at or donate below and we will follow up!

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