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Parents & Caring Adults

Do you need help talking to the children in your life about puberty, sexual health, relationships, consent, gender, sexuality and much more? Are you a caregiver, parent, guardian, or a cool adult who young people look up to? Check out the links below for tips to start the “birds & bees” talk and keep the conversation going! Being an “askable adult” and helping kids feel comfortable coming to you if they have questions or need help, can be easier with these resources, websites and step by step guides. Make sure the next time you get the question “where do babies come from?” you are ready with an accurate and age-appropriate answer.
Let's Talk Porn - Tips for talking about porn with your kids
Chances are high your child will be exposed to porn at some point. Most young people are curious about sex and if they are not getting honest and accurate information at school or from you as their caregiver, they might seek information out online. This will lead to many young people finding porn, either intentionally or accidentally. Recent estimates are saying 53% of 11-16 year olds have seen porn or explicit material online, and nearly all (94%) had seen it by age 14. It can be difficult to shield young people from seeing this material as it is everywhere. So, if they have already seen it, what do you do next as parents? Here are some tips and tricks:

Tips for Parents & Carers

Deconstructing Porn and Understanding Reality – this article helps you talk about reality vs. acting, gender roles in porn, unrealistic body image and much more!

Think your teen might be sexting? Here's what to do...

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