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Monthly Webinars

Information regarding the monthly webinars presented by SHORE Centre on various topics and subject matters can be found here.

Birth Control Webinar!Parent & Caregiver Webinar!

Birth Control 101 - Beyond the Pill: The Things You Weren't Taught in School

These webinars cover the basics of birth control and go over what individuals must know when considering starting birth control, while also providing folks with options they might not have known existed.

In this webinar, discuss topics such as:

  • Birth control options (hormonal and non-hormonal)
  • Things to consider before starting birth control
  • Pros and Cons of each option
  • Information on emergency contraception

We will also cover birth control options that are not widely known and answer any questions you may have about the process! The first half of the session is focused on sharing information and the second half is a Q&A period with audience members.

When: Every 4th Monday (starting from January 30) at 6 PM

Where: Online (You will receive a Zoom link after registration)

Cost: FREE!

Who is this event for?:

  • Folks who want to learn about birth control options
  • Folks who are thinking of changing their birth control
  • Folks who are unsure of options that exist outside of common methods (i.e., the pill)

How to Talk to Youth and Children About their Body, Boundaries & Consent

Have your children been asking where babies come from? Are you feeling nervous about having “THE TALK”? SHORE’s got you! This multi-series workshop will empower parents and caregivers to engage in conversations about sexual health and provide tools and resources to facilitate these discussions.

In this webinar, we will be discussing topics such as:

  • How to teach consent and boundaries in the most effective way
  • What age-appropriate information to provide
  • How to incorporate your family values into “THE TALK
  • How to answer the “awkward” questions your children have

Each session will cover different topics. You can attend one or all sessions. All sessions will have a Q&A section to answer all your questions. You are encouraged to participate while maintaining a respectful dialogue.

When: March 22, 2023 at 7 PM

Where: Zoom

Cost: FREE!

This event is for families and caregivers who:

  • Want to feel more comfortable talking to their children and youth about body, consent and relationships
  • Want to be prepared when the children start asking where babies come from
  • Feel overwhelmed just thinking about having “THE TALK
  • Want to have open communication with children and youth
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