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People often ask us what they can do to help. Starting this week, we will be going through 5 concrete ways you can help young people and save sex education. You can do all 5 today, or follow along as we encourage folks to do one each week for the next 5 weeks!1. Do the Survey ( The Ministry of Education has put out a survey around many areas of curriculum in schools (notably missing any focus is Indigenous studies content). Fill out this survey and have your voice heard!2. Join a telephone town hall ( There are different dates for different regions. Make sure that the voices they hear in this consultation process properly represent Ontario! Sign up for the upcoming telephone town halls and make they don’t pass by without notice.3. Send a message to and let them know what you think! Tell them you don’t believe in deleting important information from curriculum based on transphobia and homophobia. Trans and LGBTQ2S+ students exist. We cannot erase their experiences.4. Ask to meet with your MPP. Find out who your MPP is and how to contact them here ( Let them know that you support an Ontario that is inclusive of all, and focused on protecting our young people by teaching them about their bodies in an accurate way, not adding shame and secrecy to a world that already doesn’t believe survivors of sexual assault.5. Donate to SHORE Centre ( We have been committed to providing accurate, evidence-based sex education that includes information for students of all backgrounds, identities and experiences since before it was in the news. Support our continued work here.

Posted by Sexual Health Options, Resources & Education - SHORE Centre on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What young people stand to lose in this fight is clear: health, safety and wellbeing. Sex-ed, when done well, saves lives. Comprehensive and inclusive sex-ed leads to declining STI and unintended pregnancy rates, the prevention of gender-based violence, and increased school safety for LGBTQ students. When sex-ed uses an explicit human rights-based approach, it even increases open dialogue with parents and caregivers about sex and relationships.

Every one of us is entitled to receive relevant, accurate education and health information throughout our lives, and no government has the authority to deny it to an entire generation.

Resistance matters and your voice counts. If you believe in every person’s right to live a safe, healthy life that is free from violence, make yourself heard. Young people need you.

Sandeep Prasad

Executive Director, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

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